Today in the city Bethel (CA) 23.04.2018

The #MeToo men are getting their comeback tours. The women they hurt won't be.

Just months after they were publicly exposed, the men of #MeToo would like to announce that they've served their sentences on their time out stools, and are ready to return to the playground. The list...

Jodie Foster Runs a Hospital for Criminals in ‘Hotel Artemis’ First Trailer

Jodie Foster is a wisecracking nurse with gallows humor in the violence-laden first trailer for the near-future action-thriller “Hotel Artemis,” released on Monday. Foster runs a 22-year-o...

Lily Collins, Sofia Boutella, and More at the de Young Museum Mid-Winter Gala

Glittering stars from the worlds of fashion, film, and technology converged for a mid-winter soirée.

Scandal-Plagued Celebrity Chef Mario Batali Wants Back In, But Experts Say, 'Too Soon'

Months after admitting to improper behavior, celebrity chef Mario Batali is seeking ways to stage a comeback, according to The New York Times. But, management experts say he would be better off out of...

Sidelined by Scandal, Mario Batali Is Eyeing His Second Act

While other men accused of sexual harassment lie low, the celebrity chef has been actively exploring when or whether he can move on to a new role.

Sports climbing betel nuts

Sports climbing betel nuts this activity is done by residents to enliven an event in order to commemorate something. This requires teamwork and strategy. Starting from the strength and speed required...

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